Five Different Trade Scenarios For Kyrie

By Michael Zingrone

Kyrie wants out, and for good reason. It’s inevitable that LeBron is leaving next year, and this roster is nothing Kyrie wants to be apart of after that. He gets to start over with a team at age 25 rather than age 28. It all makes sense. Here are five trades I would love to see happen in the coming months involving Kyrie. Continue reading


NFC West 2017 Season Predictions

By the TFL Staff

The NFC West has been one of football’s better divisions over the last 5 years, but last year the Seattle Seahawks (10-5-1) ran away with the division by three games. The Cardinals experienced a big disappointment while the L.A Rams couldn’t figure out what offense is.  Those two teams look for bounce back years, along with the 49ers who can only get better after only winning two games last year. Continue reading

Cowboys Need to Address Their Off Field Issues, and FAST!

By Massimo Marchiano

In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys selected HB Ezekiel Elliott in the first round, and QB Dak Prescott in the fourth round. Since then, there has been nothing but success in Dallas. In their first season, they compiled a 13-3 record and managed a first round bye in the playoffs. With its powerful offense and a defense capable of good tackles, it’s proven this team has the tools for success. However the only ones who can define their success next year, is their players… Continue reading

Your Team Passed on Joe Mixon, Huge Mistake

By Michael Zingrone

So your team passed on Joe Mixon for non-football reasons, and that was a huge *Trump voice* mistake. He leads this RB rookie class in receiving yards/game and yards/ rush attempt against 7 or fewer defender boxes per Fantasy Guru. In other words he’s perfect for todays NFL. Now the Bengals have a three-down running back your team could’ve.  
Continue reading

AFC West 2017 Season Predictions

By The TFL Staff

Ladies and Gentleman we only have seven more football-less Sundays until we can crack open a cold one with the boys and watch RedZone. We have eight divisions to break down and we are starting with the most competitive of them all, the AFC West. To boost hype, the TFL crew will give their predictions on who’s going where this season. We’ll also include our favorites for best offensive, defensive, and rookie players will be this year. First, let’s break down this division. Continue reading