Five Different Trade Scenarios For Kyrie

By Michael Zingrone

Kyrie wants out, and for good reason. It’s inevitable that LeBron is leaving next year, and this roster is nothing Kyrie wants to be apart of after that. He gets to start over with a team at age 25 rather than age 28. It all makes sense. Here are five trades I would love to see happen in the coming months involving Kyrie. Continue reading


What to Make of This NBA Offseason

By Michael Zingrone

It surely has been a crazy summer for the NBA, but what can we make of it?

In summers past we have seen LeBron James flip flop between Cleveland and Miami twice. Then this time last year we saw Kevin Durant hop on the Warriors bandwagon, so now they are unstoppable. So it is safe to say we have seen it all. This offseason was on a different level however. It wasn’t just through free agency, a few blockbuster trades took place as well, moving the likes of Jimmy Butler and Paul George west. Chris Paul and Gordon Hayward also changed uniforms. Lets break it down.

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