Chemistry Meltdown in Buffalo? McCoy vs Matthews!

By Massimo Marchiano

In 2014 The Philadelphia Eagles had two players who shared both success and chemistry one season before they were split apart. Now, the players will reunite once again, but this time… with a different mix of emotions. Lesean McCoy’s comments made towards his long-lost teammate explains it all, and why McCoy is wrong.

So how did this drama all come into fruition? Trades, more specifically just one trade. On Friday, August 11 The Bills made two key trades that reshaped the direction their team was going in. This involved sending first-round pick WR Sammy Watkins to L.A. for CB E.J Gaines. After that, the Bills needed to add a pass catcher, so they pulled off a vice versa and traded CB Ronald Darby to the Eagles for WR Jordan Matthews. The Bills also pulled out a second and third round pick out of these trades, signaling a rebuilding in Buffalo. This makes 29 year old McCoy very upset.


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McCoy, who is entering his third season with the Bills, is disapproving the teams recent moves in the offseason. When asked about new teammate Jordan Matthews reuniting with McCoy, the star RB seemed rather upset. When asked what he thought about Matthews compared to Watkins, McCoy said “If you compare the two, it’s obvious you can agree who is better.” This is weird, because back in 2014, when Matthews was just a rookie, McCoy had no problem praising his ability. While it is considered that Watkins is a better receiver than Matthews, Matthews technically beats Watkins on paper.

Sammy Watkins: 37 games started – 153 Receptions, 2,459 Receiving Yards (16.1 Avg), 17 Touchdowns

Jordan Matthews35 games started, 225 Receptions, 2,673 Receiving Yards (11.9 Avg), 19 Touchdowns

You can look at this right here and end all the arguments. McCoy does not realize he is getting a reliable teammate instead of a wanna-be superstar. If Sammy Watkins is a 4th pick overall talent, why can’t he stay healthy? (Yes, I know Matthews just got injured, but his injury isn’t horrible and is considered week-to-week. He’ll be back by the regular season). Why does he only have one 1,000 yard season and no 10 TD seasons? McCoy boasts that there is a difference but Sammy hasn’t done squat. While his rookie year was impressive as he broke many records, his 2016 season was messy. While he missed half the season due to injury, the other half of the season didn’t display an exemplary Wide Receiver. This isn’t an article to throw shade at Watkins, but let’s compare him to Matthews.

While Watkins had support from WRs Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin,  QB Tyrod Taylor, and RB Lesean McCoy, Matthews worked with an Eagles offense that was downright atrocious. While Matthews himself was part to blame due to his drops and not being able to break away from defenders, he had a lot to deal with. First off, he’s had Mark Sanchez, Sam Bradford, and a rookie Carson Wentz throwing him passes for the past 3 years, that’s not exactly elite tier passing. Matthews will now have the support Watkins had, which means it’s his turn to prove McCoy wrong, and not make me look stupid in a few months.

Another reason McCoy is wrong is because the Bills aren’t planning for success right now, but soon. Tom Brady is now 40 years old, which means the AFC East could be up for grabs soon. The Bills are quietly planning to stock up on draft picks and take the division by surprise once the legend retires. McCoy, who turned 29 in July, won’t be part of this team by the time that happens though. Unfortunately, that’s his problem, and that could be the true reason he’s angry. The Bills already have a young team, and a good line with solid Running backs. The more youth they add, the more the veteran star RB will feel left out, and that’s too bad.

However; like Watkins, McCoy will have it coming to him when Buffalo parts ways with him. He hasn’t played a full season since joining the team, and he hasn’t gotten 300 touches since being an Eagle. His role as a workhorse is diminishing and the only thing that makes him feel better is throwing shade to teammates around him. It looks like JMatt doesn’t care, probably because McCoy has drama all the time. He was well known for hating on Chip Kelly and now he has problems with HC Sean McDermott too. So take it with a grain of salt Bills Mafia, you got a great RB, he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


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