Cowboys Need to Address Their Off Field Issues, and FAST!

By Massimo Marchiano

In 2016, the Dallas Cowboys selected HB Ezekiel Elliott in the first round, and QB Dak Prescott in the fourth round. Since then, there has been nothing but success in Dallas. In their first season, they compiled a 13-3 record and managed a first round bye in the playoffs. With its powerful offense and a defense capable of good tackles, it’s proven this team has the tools for success. However the only ones who can define their success next year, is their players…

It’s not uncommon for NFL teams to have superstar players with off-field issues as long as the team can control it. Le’Veon Bell can’t stop smoking weed or getting injured, but when he’s not doing either of those things, he’s a beast. Same goes for Ezekiel Elliott, but his situation warrants more concern.


Ezekiel Elliott (1st Round pick 2016). Currently under investigation for Domestic Abuse, assault at a Dallas Bar, and was recently pulled over for speeding past 100 mph

With these allegations, Elliott could face suspension, and that would hurt the Cowboys. His impact to the offense brought numbers similar to the Emmitt Smith era. Now with these problems, it could affect locker room chemistry, especially with QB Dak Prescott. I think Prescott is a good QB, but fans will notice Zeke’s disappearance. Should Zeke’s numbers drop in a sophomore slump, this summer may be the reason why.

Now let’s get to the defense because this is where it really matters. Dak will still have Dez Bryant, Terrance Williams, and Cole Beasley on the receiving end, with Alfred Morris in the backfield. The defense however, has lost a lot of depth this offseason. The Cowboys had a massive exodus of secondary players. Barry Church to the Jaguars, Morris Claiborne to the Jets, and Brandon Carr to the Ravens. So to help add depth, the Cowboys drafted rookie corners Chidobe Awuzie (2nd Round) and Jourdan Lewis (3rd Round). But now their 3rd round pick may join the party late.


Jourdan Lewis (3rd Round) will stand trial for domestic violence charge.

If Lewis… no… if the Cowboys don’t get their personnel under check they will see consequences. They did the right thing with Greg Hardy, and cut him after one season. I’m not saying to cut these two players with great potential, but Jerry Jones and co. will need to address these issues.

Here are some players Jones’ has had to and is currently dealing with.

Currently a Cowboy

  1. Randy Gregory (DE) – Drafted in 2015, mostly marijuana related issues, prevented him from playing in 2017 playoffs.
  2. David Irving (DE) – Signed in 2015, suspended for 4 games in 2017 for violating the league’s performance enhancing drug policy.
  3. Nolan Carroll (CB) – Signed in 2017, arrested for a DWI (Driving while intoxicated)
  4. Damien Wilson (LB) – Drafted in 2015, arrested and charged with two accounts of assault with a deadly weapon in 2017.
  5. Dez Bryant (WR) – Drafted in 2010, arrested in 2012 for domestic abuse charges against his mother. And just missed a mandatory conditioning test before training camp.

No Longer Welcome in these parts!

  1. Adam “Pacman” Jones (CB) – Played in 2008 season, arrested six times before joining Cowboys. Released after being suspected in a shooting in Atlanta in 2008.
  2. Greg Hardy (DE) – Played one season (2015) with the Cowboys after being guilty of assaulting his ex-girlfriend in 2014.

Looks like the Jaguars now have competition for dirty players. Stay frosty first liners! See ya next time!




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